​​​​​​​​​Happy Father's Day to Our Coaches!

     Every weekday, before the sun sets, the C3 coaches can be found on the Wilson HS track... encouraging the last lap, running drills, or making rounds on the infield to ensure each child receives direction and instruction. 

      As parents, we realize that our coaches take time out from their own families to give time to our team.  In doing so, they provide reassurance and guidance to our children.  Their fatherly direction is a beautiful thing.  And although they could champion their own efforts, they don't.  They do it humbly.  They don't complain about their sacrifices or boast about their accomplishments; instead, they lead by example.  Their love, for our children and the sport, is evidenced in their actions.  Simply stated:  our coaches talk less and do more.

    So this father's day, we want to recognize these remarkable men who never ask for recognition.  By being a fixture on the track day after day, your impact is strong.  Your image is memorable.  Your commitment is admirable.  We tell our friends and family about the team, and we proudly wear the C3 logo. This is a direct result of your work.  You have strengthened the team bond by giving selflessly.  You make us proud to be part of the C3 Family.

     The C3 parents salute you and all of your sacrifices.  We know they are many and we love you for it.  In short, we don't tell you enough:  Thank you for ALL that you do!

​To Coach Lavar, Coach O, Coach JD, Coach Daaliya, Coach Ray, Coach Eric, Coach Sam & Coach Rickey:  Happy Father's Day!!  You are appreciated... more than you know!

Much Love,

Your C3 Family

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