Camden Clock Chasers

                                    Our History

Camden Clock Chasers (C3) was formed in 2013 by the second generation of Camden City Track Club, which was founded in 1983 by Clinton Tabb and Shareef Daaliya, through their dedication and passion, the lives of many were touched and enhanced. It is with this spirit and honor that C3 has picked up the baton to continue a legacy which provides our youth with a pathway to develop social skills, sportsmanship, and all the character traits necessary to become a productive citizen .  C3 was formed with the intention of introducing and involving inner-city youth in daily physical activity using the platform of Cross-Country and Track & Field.  In addition to physical development, we also focus on academic and social development by offering tutoring, community service projects and field trips.  Overall, we are interested in providing an outlet for our youth to feel welcomed, loved and ultimately in which to thrive.  C3 prides itself on teaching the fundamentals of the sport while developing the mind, body and soul.  We challenge all of our youth with our name and motto: "Clock Chasers."  The clock is always running so whether you're in first or last place,  you chase the clock!  Life is about improving and by improving, you are a winner!!